The storm closes in all the time, adding pressure to fights as it gets smaller and smaller.

But the storm circle isn't always in the center... it's random. Usually it's lopsided, closer to one side of the storm, like this:


Now take another look, the highlighted piece shows what we call "The Wedge"

There's a bunch of advantages you get by staying close to The Wedge:

  1. The storm moves towards the safe circle much slower at The Wedge
  2. Your back is much closer to the storm, so less chance that enemies are behind you

These two advantages make The Wedge a pretty desireable place to hang out at. If you can get there, do it!

As a warning: lots of experience players know about The Wedge, so they're also trying to make their way there.

But use that knowledge to your advantage. Expect them. Know that your back is safe to the storm, and that people might be edging the storm circle, making their way to The Wedge, so keep an eye out for ambushes!

By sticking close to the storm, and edging your way around the map towards The Wedge, you'll find yourself in better positions more often, and it'll increase the chances that you'll win the round!