Every player in Fortnite starts with 5 empty slots.


How you fill those empty slots will determine the outcome of every fight you get into. Picking the right weapons + utilities will help you go a long way to getting your Victory.

The Basics

  • You can only have 5 items at a time
  • Some items stack (e.g. mini shields stack up to 10 in one slot)
  • If you're filled, you can swap whatever you have equipped with what's on the ground by picking up the thing on the ground
  • You can re-arrange your slots at any time! Open your inventory, then drag them around. Useful if you want more important items closer to your fingertips. Take advatage of this.
  • You can drop items for teammates. If it's a stack, open your inventory, click on the stack, and press "X" to select how much to drop.
  • All ammo and building materials (e.g. bullets, wood) don't take up any slots. You can have as much as you can carry (up to the max.)

Playstyle dictates loadouts

You'll find plenty of expert players willing to share their loadouts, and we think it's great to listen to what they have to say. We also think it's important to play around with what makes your loadout, based on how you love to play. A few examples:

  • The assault warrior: You're the type of person that loves rushing, getting up close and personal, and initiating in combat. Fill your slots with shotguns, SMGs, ARs, and explosives.
  • The sneaky rogue: You're the type of person that loves sneaking around, keeping out of sight, but pouncing on an unsuspecting victim for an easy kill. Fill your slots with supressed weapons, snipers/hunting rifles, and tactical items like the bush or C4.
  • The mid-range combatant: you're the type of person that enjoys gunfights, ducking behind cover, and getting a better position with great builds. Fill your slots with ARs, shotguns (in case soeone surprises you), and health items to survive longer firefights.
  • The sniper scout: you're the type of person that loves finding a perch, then scoping out targets, esepcially if there's a fight going on and you can pick them off to help your teammates. Usually also a "sneaky rogue" (see above.) Fill your slots with scoped ARs, one or two snipers, and a close-range weapon just-in-case.

These are just a few examples! Mix and match, and you'll find a playstyle + loadout that you LOVE to use, that usually gets you far in the rounds.

Play to your team's strengths

Keep in mind: squad composition matters. If you have a teammate who loves to snipe, it's probably a good idea to be more of a close-quarters person. A well-rounded team usually outperforms an unbalanced team.

The more you play with the same teammates, the better you'll learn their playstyles, and you'll be able to adjust your own to fit well.

Loadouts can change as the game progresses

You'll find that your loadout might change as you play. Squadmates get eliminated, the circle might force a certain position, you might find better loot along the way, etc. etc.

It's totally ok to do this, in fact, if you're able to adap on-the-fly, you'll find yourself winning many more battles.

For example:

  • You might have a pretty crappy loadout (a grey burst AR, a green pistol) when the game starts and you first land. Welp, you work with what you got.
  • You'll survive the first area, and find better loot (a green AR, some extra shields), so your loadout will change.
  • Next, you'll move to one of the more dense areas with lots of cover, so you decide to pick up a shotgun, and you drop that burst AR.
  • You find a bunch of healing items, and know that your team will need them later, so you stack a few extra shields and first aid kits.
  • Eventually, you're one of the last few teams alive! The next squad you take out has really great loot, so you decide to pick up a nice SMG since that's your favorite, and you stack up on small shields so you can survive close encounters.

So what's your favorite loadouts?

Each of our coaches has their own favorite playstyle.

Coach Clawshi: prefers to carry a shotgun in slot 1, an SMG in slot 2, an AR in slot 3, a sniper (or extra healign item) in slot 4, and a shield item in slot 5. Claw is a well-rounded warrior, enjoying both mid-and-close range fights, especially with a nice "build battle". So his loadout has both mid-and-close-range weapons.

Coach Excelsan: prefers to carry a shotgun in slot 1, an SMG in slot 2, an AR in slot 3, and healing items in slot 4 and 5. Excel loves flanking enemies to eliminate a pick and tilt the battle, so he'll take a few mid-range shots then close the gap. He's usually in a tough bind, so extra healing items are always nice to have.