Your squad is stacked. You've got a good position. Your loot is loaded. You're all warmed up from previous games. You're ready to win. So what's the most important thing you can do to ensure victory in your next squad fight?

Fight unfairly.

Yeah, you heard me. You can't fight fair if you want the best chance of survival. You need to get a "pick"—that's when you focus on 1 person, and knock them down, so it's a 4v3 (or a 2v1 in duos.)

Losing just one player is a significant disadvantage in a fight, so do everything you can to make sure your team keeps all 4, and that you focus fire to get just one enemy down.

Tips to getting a pick

  1. Focus fire. Call out to your teammates who you want to pick before you engage. If possible, take them out before the battle even starts by having multiple snipers fire on the pick. If they survive, do everything you can to focus fire on them during the fight. Beware: it's easy to get tunnel vision and focus too much, which will cause you to lose sight of the other enemies, and they might flank you. I'd recommend having 3 of your squad focus fire, and have 1 be the lookout, firing at the other enemies as a distraction until you take out the pick.

  2. Flank them. Split your squad, and have someone go around or behind the enemy team. Start engaging as a distraction, and then the flanker can pick off one of the enemies. It's super important that as soon as the enemy is down, the rest of your squad runs in to support the flanker. You don't want to lose your flanker, or else you'll be evenly matched again... or worse, lose the flanker while the squad has all 4, putting you at a disadvantage. This one's risky, but well worth it if you pull it off.

  3. Catch a distracted player. Before you engage, plan a distraction. Either shoot a gun in a weird direction, use a a port-a-fort, or catch an enemy that's wandering a little to ofar from their squad. If you can keep one distracted—or better yet, they're distracted by another enemy team—it'll let you engage the rest of the team with an advantage (until the distraction ends.)

  4. Attack an in-progress fight. This one's a favorite of mine: follow an enemy squad until they engage with another team. Once you see an advantage happening (e.g. two enemies in one squad die), step in to turn the tables. You'll be able to catch both teams weak + distracted, which can make for easy killing. Warning: it's easy to get too split by this, having half your squad attack some people, and the other half attack another. Make sure you ALL stay focused on one person or squad or area of the fight.