Good team communications when playing squds is critical for success. There are dozens of things you should be communicating:

  • Enemy locations when you spot them, including directional number (e.g. 2 enemies spoted at 250!)
  • Warning when you find builds, open doors, partially destroyed structures, and stuff that shouldn't be there (like look out in the open)
  • Good loot that can help your teammates ("extra epic SCAR on me")
  • Your status for things like health ("I need shields please"), ammo ("running low on light bullets, anyone have extra?"), and loot ("I could really use a shotgun")
  • Plans for attacking or running ("lets push to the tiki head on my mark")
  • etc etc

Talk just enough

On a good team, there's a nice cadence to communications. There's not too much, and not too little.

Too much communication, or talking about random stuff, can be super distracting. You can miss great call-outs and warnings. You can overwhelm a teammate that's trying to fight off a few enemies. "Backseat driving" (when you're knocked down or out, and try to tell people what to do) is annoying, and won't make you many friends.

Too little communication, or not having a mic, can cause your team to miss important information. But it's not too bad.

It's better to be silent, than it is to talk too much. Staying quiet lets your teammates focus, and gives them the space to share important information, too!